Wednesday, February 22, 2012

D R E A M E N D-The Face on the Tintype

D R E A M E N D's first single is good. Really good. Profanity inducing, jumping-up-and-down levels of good. "The Face on the Tintype" brings more joy to me than any song about a serial killer has the right to. Neutral Milk Hotel once described their music as fuzz folk, and I can't think of a better term to describe this song. The twitchy banjo and glockenspiel that craft the perfect intro to the song as band mastermind Ryan Graveface spills incredibly dark lyrics of the killer spelling out certain doom for his prisoner. all this explodes with the song's center, where the fuzz kicks into overdrive, bringing everything with it, crafting a vortex of folky jangle and chaos. Even as this is going on, and the song eventually simmers at the end, the darkness contained within never manages to escape the mind. D R E A M E N D's ability to meld all these elements, the bleak of the lyrics with the light of the instruments is a gift. To do it as masterfully as he did in the form of "The Face on the Tintype" is just fucking incredible.


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