Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Colours-S/T EP

This releases is sort of really old, but who cares when it's this good? Colours, as obvious by the spelling of their name, are an Australian entity of one shoegaze obsessed man. It's strange at a point when shoegaze is one of the most influential genres, with its essence heard in too many bands to list. However, fewer actually try to play the genre itself, or try to approach it in new ways. That's were Colours comes in. In just four songs Colours manages to cover the entire shoegaze world as it has evolved over the past twenty something years. From opener "Could I?", the EP creates the sense of being engulfed in a noisy vortex, but instead of abject horror, it's utter muli-guitar and ghostly vocal style bliss. It's meant to be blasted at the dead of night in a nightstand lamp lit room, to both indulge in and push back the encroaching darkness. It's fucking great shoegaze, and proof that Australia is the Mecca for all great music now.


Colours on Bandcamp
By the Colours' 12" EP here, from Free Loving Anarchists

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