Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dead Gaze-It's Not Real

After way, way too long, Group Tightener is finally is finally putting out Dead Gaze's 10" EP, and of course with said news comes new songs as well. "It's Not Real", helps to solitify the sound Dead Gaze is producing now, a mixture of his uber, blown-out guitar rockers ("This Big World", "Take Me Home or I Die Alone"), and his lighter, ambient-infused tunes ("Enz", "I'm a Mess When Your Gone). I know a lot of posts about Dead Gaze seem to relay the same information: his use of warped vocals, no-fi production, and pedal drenched style. Hopefully "It's Not Real" will help shift perspectives, for while it does encase those qualities, it also adds a real sunny pop sense which in turn gives a new feel of balance to the whole affair. It also is a stunning, perfect, end of summer tune.


Dead Gaze on Myspace
Pre-order the 10" EP here, from Group Tightener

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