Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Many Boyfriends-Young Lovers Go Pop!

Add this to the pile of bands I didn't think I would hear from again. This Many Boyfriends was a band I fell in love with a year ago, producing pure sugar in the form of indie pop songs, oh so wonderfully similar to their inspiration Los Campesinos! They released their debut mini-album in 2010, and have been sort of quite since. Then last week I stumble upon Angular Record's website only to discover that they will be releasing a new album and 7" within the coming months. "Young Lovers Go Pop!" introduces the marvel of better production, morphing the band's sound from the purity of demo tape to the shimmering gloss of a knotty and pitch perfect song. Truly, the chorus itself, composed of nothing but the title and "oh oh oh"'s is the greatness of indie-pop in repeated, singular moments. Or to put it more hyperbolically, this might be a song of the year contender.


This Many Boyfriend's Website
Pre-order the Young Lovers Go Pop 7" here, from Angular Records

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