Monday, August 8, 2011


It’s always fun to discover a new Campfires song floating around the web. They’re like mini treasures because you never know when one will appear, on what format in what situation. “Amelia” is a nice new step for the band, having a lot less of that “everything is falling apart” sound to it especially in the percussion. In fact the whole song is probably the most the band has ever gotten to invoking their name in a song. However, that all adds up to something wondrous, a sparkling indie/folk/pop/mild psychedelia tune that doesn’t erupt like the others, but has a slow burn effect to it that swallows the whole body. “Amelia” is off Twosyllable's Chicago Compilation cassette that is filled to the brim of bands waiting to be adored by all as they pop said cassette into a speaker to envelope them and all those around.

(mp3) Campfires-Amelia


Campfires’ Bandcamp
Buy the Chicago Compilation here, from Twosyllable Records

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