Monday, August 8, 2011

Trailer Trash Tracys-Dies in 55

Wow, never thought I would be writing this post. After nearly a year and a half of not hearing a peep out of the band, they suddenly have released "Dies at 55", not to mention a new sound, style, and just about everything to go with it. Gone are the dark industrial tones, the recording hiss, and darkness paired with beauty. In it's place is drum twitch, shimmering and star-like synth, and actual sunshine. It's disorienting at first, almost like a new band high jacked the original Trailer Trash Tracy's name without realizing it. However, as the same ethereal vocals come in to guide and lift the song just like before it all mends together in a wash of haze and light.

(mp3) Trailer Trash Tracys-Dies at 55


Trailer Trash Tracy's Website

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