Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Born Gold-Alabaster Bodyworlds

Thanks to a certain friend, I had recently filled my iPod with as many Gobble Gobble tunes as I could get my hands on. It is so hard to put into words what Gobble Gobble music was like, mainly because you could probably use the entire English language and still feel like your missing some words to aptly describe their music. Their live shows spoke volumes of the band itself, which involved, but not limited, stilts, shoves, face paint, and giant butterfly wings. Songs like "Boring Horror" and "Cat Eggs" are still some of the most insane, bonkers, twitchy, and catchiest songs ever created in the "pop" medium.

The reason the majority of that previous paragraph was in the past tense was because last night Gobble Gobble ended. Or more properly they have morphed into Born Gold, and produced some of the same bat shit great music as before. "Alabaster Bodyworlds" is just the type of song that could be pictured being pumped out of some dance club at the edge of the universe, with multi color lights that can't be imagined, triggering the few thing in your brain not already stirred up by the song itself.


Born Gold on Tumblr
Pre-order Bodysongs here, from Hovercraft and Crash Symbols
For the perfect understanding of why Gobble Gobble was incredible, go here.

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