Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Video: Stay Calm-Take What You Need

This is Stay Calm. As alluded to by Zac Pennington in my interview with him a little while ago it's one of his new bands, along with Joe Kelly of 31knots and Panther along with Claudia Meza of Exploded into Color. It's incredibly percussion heavy band, and it would not be wrong of people to call this Exploded into Color 2.0. However, there is nothing wrong with that because a) Exploded into Color were horrible under appreciated while they were around, and b) this is some great...let's call it a new genre defying sound. "Take What You Want" sort of has a Bush Tetras edge to it, but not nearly as angular. Maybe if all the members has grown up in the country and out of the dark city. It's dancy, but not cliche, punky without being aggressive, plus a few of the best elements from a bunch of other genres. The result being the mini epic that is "Take What You Need".


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