Monday, July 22, 2013


OK, yes, Yuck did lose their frontman to the allure of a solo career, so there is a sense that naming your first song since then "Rebirth" might be a little on the nose. That is until you actually listen to "Rebirth" and instantly realize how much the band has changed. Yuck have not shed their unabashed love of '90s indie in any way, but here they have shifted it considerably. "Rebirth" is undoubtedly pure shoegaze; gorgeously dreamy guitar floods the entire track, enhanced by the track's lingering synth lines and Max Bloom's more mellow vocals, instead of former frontman Daniel Blumberg's more wiry pitch. The track succeeds in part thanks to the production, which has this magical way of making everything practically bleed with one another so "Rebirth" this glowing quality to it that is utterly heavenly. I was prepared to be greatly disappointed by whatever Yuck produced after losing Blumberg, but it seems they've managed to easily turn that into a positive; at the very least, their new shoegaze heavy sound is gorgeous, and the type of thing that will float through your brain for days on end.


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