Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Honeyslide-Deep Architecture

Honeyslide's demo from last year was one of the best pieces of shoegaze and noise rock I had heard in ages, five track of gooey, blistering guitar rock that buzzed in my ears in the best way possible. And now the band have returned with their first proper release, a lovely 10" EP. While one side has a rerecording of the demo's excellent "Drippin'", the flip-side has something maybe even better, the brand new song "Deep Architecture". As much as I loved the noise and lo-fi sound on their demo, it's sort of incredible what the added production has done for the band. Gone is the Dinosaur Jr. like indie-sludge that coated their songs; instead with "Deep Architecture" the band doubles their usual tempo, letting the song have this lovely jaunt to it has it buzzes along, the vocals coming in almost crystal clear as they overlap with one another while the guitar both fuzzes and bends like a violin like My Bloody Valentine did on "I Only Said". It's one of the loveliest shoegaze songs I have heard in a long time, and cement further how great of a band Honeyslide really are.


Honeyslide's Tumblr
Buy the "Drippin'/Deep Architecture" 10" here, from Critical Heights

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