Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Teen Mom-Kitchen

Last time Teen Mom were heard from it was when they released their Mean Tom EP, a release that showed how the band could jump from breezy Real Estate jangle pop to '80s-esque noise pop without losing a beat. Teen Mom were versatile, never letting styles or genre get in the way of how they crafted their own guitar pop and whatever form it took. Teen Mom's newest song, "Kitchen", might be the purest representation. The song clocks in at six and half minutes, nearly twice as long as any of their other songs. In that time, Teen Mom constantly shift their sound, from the shoegaze tinged reverb pop that forms the first half of the song, to the Radio Dept. outro the song ends of almost dancy rhythm section and same shimmering guitars. What's most impressive is the way they get from point A to point B in "Kitchen" is completely natural, a effortless glide along guitar pop heaven, filled with beautiful, shining guitars and airy vocals Teen Mom have so kindly provided.


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