Thursday, July 18, 2013


Broken Social Scene aren't coming back anytime soon, no matter what glimmers of hope the one-off reunions and TV appearances may offer. Thankfully though, those, like me, aching for more of their movie ending pop can take comfort in the likes of ARMS' newest single "Comfort" during the in between. "Comfort" is a wonderfully speedy, summery pop song, always waiting to add a new hook, burst of guitar, bout of energy to itself in order to keep itself together. The shift the songs goes through from the earnestness of the versus to the rolling burst of subdued anguish that is the chorus is absolutely wondrous, managing to cram 50 different hooks into a 30 second period. All this is carried over to the songs outro, a minute long jaunt of almost post-punk energy, or more accurately as close as sprawling indie-pop can get to post-punk. "Comfort" is an ever constant song, always putting in something new sound wise it is a tiny miracle the track doesn't trip over itself. Instead, it just keeps unfolding and unfolding, revealing a new direction or hook that is catchier than the one before it.


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