Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Stargazer Lilies-We Are the Dreamers

I caught The Stargazer Lilies earlier this year at SXSW and they completely blew me away live (and practically blew out me ear drums), play a set of gradual, beauty tinged, utterly blistering shoegaze that was absolutely consuming of the space they were in like any good shoegaze band should be. I think that's why it was so shocking to hear The Stargazer Lilies in their proper, record form. "We Are the Dreamers", taken from their upcoming album of the same name, shows that in reality the band lies much closer to dream-pop, albeit a twisted take of the genre, built around needle like buzzes of encroaching guitar fuzz and steadily pounding drums. Even Kim Field's vocals, while lovely, have a ghostly quality to them, feeling hollow and breathy, must like all the instrumentation of the track, which has a floating quality to it as if the increasing tension and noise of the song will cause itself to break apart and float away. Even when the molasses coated, roaring guitars kick in, it just adds to the beauty of the track rather than overpowering anything and grounding something unnecessarily. The Startgazer Lilies have made an absloutly lovely piece of dream-pop here, creative and removed from the usual standards of the genre so that it stands strong in its dark essence, as weightless as it can be.   


The Stargazer Lilies' Website
Pre-order We Are the Dreamers here, from Graveface Records

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