Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cloud-Mother Sea

Deciding to name your band Cloud is more risky than it seems. You are setting yourself to either evoke something wonderfully serine, or people using your name as the focal point if your music happens to be generic. Thankfully, Cloud sidestep all that, at least on their first single "Mother Sea". More than sidestep though because "Mother Sea" is a wonderful thing; a pure, effortless pop song, something that doesn't come around often and something I can't always appreciate. But here it is and it's golden. The honest-to-goodness piano (not synth) that the song is built around gives the song some summer-esque, '60s brightness, wonderfully contrasted by the wounded, nasal, and hyper-emotive vocals. The song builds just ever so, reaching a climax your not expecting when the line "I think I'm ready to love myself" gets tossed almost painfully and the song dissolves into a lovely looping instrumental, with different piano lines falling on top of each other. "Mother Sea" is nothing like any aspect of modern indie music, but maybe that's why it's so lovely in the first place.


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