Monday, July 8, 2013


There is something deeply ironic about having a song where the chorus is the repeated chanting of "destruction", and deciding to call the song "Meditations". However, Holograms aren't approaching their new song with even the slightest sense of humor (if they had any to begin with). Instead "Meditations" is possibly the closest Holograms have come to pure, unfiltered punk rage; the song is a dark reflection on the past and present, the horrors man has created and currently lives in. The nicer production adds to the amplification of the song's slightly sinister mood, something Holograms has always used very effectively to enhance their songs. The increased jaggedness of the guitars and reduction of the synths (at least here) to an excellently used atmospheric flourish allows the song's intensity to be channeled consistently and without a flicker of falter. "Meditation" is as brutal as Holograms can be, inflicting anger over lack of control while backing that intensity with pin-size precision with their music, a blast of ragged but never sloppy post-punk perfection.


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