Monday, May 13, 2013

Lust for Youth-Breaking Silence

I've been sitting on the back burner on Lust for Youth for far too long. First exposed to them along side Vår (back when they were still WAR), Lust for Youth seemed like a less interesting take on that style of murky, lo-fi synth work. However, after repeated listening, and Lust for Youth's gradual shift to a more solidly darker, danceable, and clearer synth style I have grown very fond of Hannes Norrvide's productions. The "Chasing the Light" 12" from earlier this year help cement their new, reduced Cold Cave like sound to great effects.

Now they are taking that sound and pushing it even further with "Breaking Silence". A more then likely foreshadowing for how their new album Perfect View will turn out, "Breaking Silence" is even shinier then "Chasing the Light" was. There is not a scrap of murk left to Lust for Youth's sound; it is now fully entrenched in a European synth-pop sound, full of warbling synths, '80s keyboard lines, and Norrvide's ditached vocals, which in the best ways do feel like they come from the same place Vår's electronic work comes from. More so, while "Breaking Silence" and Lust for Youth have not completely shed their dreary astetic, there is some part of "Breaking Silence" that makes it feel like a sliver of brightness has been placed inside of it. And that speck is all that it takes to make "Breaking Silence" fell all that much more powerful.


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