Thursday, May 16, 2013

Holy Ghost!-Dumb Disco Ideas

Dance music is going to be on everyone's mind for the next six months or so thanks to the new Daft Punk album. With that comes the effect that every artist who makes even vaguely similar music to them (read: anything with a keyboard or beep in it) will automatically have to suffer with their presence hanging over them. So before that effect goes into full effect, be blown away by Holy Ghost!'s newest song "Dumb Disco Ideas". Like LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girl", it is actually a very smart song disguised as a stupid one. The first half of the song is evocative of the song title, a gorgeous, spaced-out, über-modern disco track, thick bass lines and a steady, never flinching beat well in tack. The song's lyrics are full of desire and the synth line from David Bryne's "Big Business" holds the track steady. Then the track drops for just the right few seconds before slowly building over the song's remaining four minutes. The line "Wait, and put it off, at least for another day" repeated over and over again so that it and "Dumb Disco Ideas" itself become almost anthemic. By Holy Ghost!'s standards, "Dumb Disco Ideas" may be just that, but everyone else, it is an complete, electro-pop heaven in every sense.


Holy Ghosts!'s Website
Pre-order the "Dumb Disco Ideas" 12" here, from DFA Records

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