Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cass McCombs-Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log/If You've Loved Me Before...

Cass McCombs is an artist that took me a long time to come around to. For the life of me a I can't explain why; some fake Ariel Pink connection that I crafted in my mind seems to be the excuse I created, as lame as that sounds even now. No matter, because after hearing McCombs' "Three Men Sitting on a Hallow Log" I am a complete devote. The song sounds exactly like some long forgotten roots song that was unearthed and polished to perfection by McCombs. It thumps along, the steady, mallet heavy pounding of the drums lifted along with McCombs' twangy guitar and vocals. There song is an endless groove over its four minutes, never deviating in its sound or pace, just a slow, smoky track that eventually fades into the night like the good campfire banger it is. The track owes a lot to Michael Hurley, who Cass McCombs splits this upcoming 7". Hurley, for those who don't know, is one of those long forgotten folk legends who has been steadily putting out wonderful records year after year. Mississippi Records has been slowly reissuing his discography, so jump in to his spellbinding world as well with this release.


Speaking of Cass McCombs, he has also put out an incredible contribution to the LMAC charity 7" series for Famous Class Records. "If You’ve Loved Me Before..." is completely removed from the sunny, folky strumming of "Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log". "If You’ve Loved Me Before…" pulls deeply from from the Mount Eerie school of indie folk music, all sharp, electric guitar strumming and forced, terse lyrical delivery. The electronics that float around the song, and then form the songs outro perfectly capture the dreary, heartbroken sadness that McCombs is emoting through out. "If You've Loved Me Before..." is a truly heartbreaking work, incredible spare and delicate, as if McCombs is ready to burst into tears at any moment. However, he manages to hold it together long enough to create something that is wonderful in the bleakest of ways.


Cass McCombs' Website
Pre-order the Cass McCombs/Michael Hurley 7" here, from Secret Seven Records
Buy the Cass McCombs LMAC 7" here, from Famous Class Records

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