Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk-Saturday

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk have been quietly plugging away and releasing tapes, CD-Rs, and the occasional LP since 2007. Well, maybe quietly isn't the right world considering the band makes such always makes such a glorious ruckus with their songs, this magnificent hybrid of indie, pysch, and post-rock that is as great as it sounds. Over the years though, they haven't necessarily streamlined their sound, something that is a bit tricky considering the multidirection quality of their music, but added a certain degree of focus that wasn't there before to give their songs a new shape. At lest, that's what comes through listening to "Saturday", the first song off their upcoming album Think Tone. The track gets lost in itself, the almost ambient chords creating the warmest drone imaginable before they start blending in with the moaning, wordless vocals that float through the track. Gradually more and more is added to the track, with the drum beat appearing without notice and the vocals and guitar going higher and higher. Soon "Saturday" hits the glorious peak of chugging, shapeless, ambient psych that could fill a room before the song slowly flows down. It's a beautiful song, a tiny little sprawl that quietly erupts and then fades out, all the while containing a steady glow along the way.


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