Sunday, May 26, 2013

Andrew Cedermark-At Home

There is a rush to "At Home", an intensity that is not unlike a car speeding down a highway with the windows down returning to somewhere it has left, a scene that has been portrayed time and time again in movies. Which is a pretty surreal thing considering Andrew Cedermark's music has never been rooted in this sound, having almost entirely been built on quiet reflection and cathartic emotional release existing within the same songs. However, as "Canis Major" hinted at, and "At Home" suggests further, Home Life is going to be a record built on trying to understand the past and the nostalgia that comes with it. So it makes sense that Cedermark has chosen to explore those emotions further by trying to mimic the music of his past. In this case, its his reflections on being alone and feeling removed from everything coated in a, yes, Bruce Springsteen like anthemic shell, all driving guitar lines and never ending pounding drums. The song never drops, always in a steady charge forward, no matter how bleak Cedermark's lyrics get, nearly incomprehensible under the excellent din of the song, but still emoting the same anguish that they always have. It seems fitting that Cedermark ends "At Home" with a desperate repetition of "I ain't going home"; even he is aware of the falseness of this nostalgic kick, which is exactly what gives "At Home" its power.


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