Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Candy Claws-Transitional Bird (Clever Girl)

Thank you to We Listen For You for introducing me to this song. Ceres & Calypso In The Deep Time, when it comes out, will be Candy Claws' fourth album. Their fourth, and I have never given them the time of day. I probably wouldn't be kicking myself so hard right now over this if I hadn't heard "Transitional Bird (Clever Girl)" just now, a song that truly blew me away. The song has a deeply warped majesty to it, pulling deeply from the psychedelic sprawl Youth Lagoon crafted on Wondrous Bughouse. "Transitional Bird (Clever Girl)" is a heavy piece of twisted, unraveling '60s pop and modern experimentalism, touches of The Olivia Tremor Control if Syd Barrett had taken over the band and taken them deeper down the rabbit hole. There is a deeply, ever present sense of looming insanity on the song, reenforced by the magnitude of spiraling electronic that are tracked on top each other, denser than a collapsed star. However, Candy Claws manage to keep the song feeling almost ethereal at times, in part from the hazy yet high octave vocals, and in part due to the production being so great that everything that swirls around during "Transitional Bird (Clever Girl) sounds completely natural and organic, like everything was plucked from a nature documentary and compressed into one song. It's one of the most lovely songs I've heard all year, a pure example of how creative psychedelia can exist when channeled creatively.


Candy Claws' Tumblr
Pre-order Ceres & Calypso In The Deep Time here, from twosyllable Records

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