Sunday, May 5, 2013

Deafheaven-Dream House

I know nothing about black metal. Absolutely nothing. Hell, if I'm being honest, I really know nothing about metal as a genre at all, outside of thinking that a few Boris and Black Sabbath tracks are really cool. However, despite that lack of knowledge, I do think I am aware of some big things in Deafheaven's new song "Dream House". That black metal is not normally suppose to sound this uplifting and cinematic. That there should not be this sense of empowering, or have a such a sense of victory during the song's second half. And that if you are a "black" metal band, you should not release a song called "Dream House", or title your new album Sunbather and color it sunburnt pink. But Deafheaven did all that, and I am left with one undeniable fact; "Dream House" is absolutely fucking incredible. "Dream House" is nine minutes of utterly overwhelming fury, with the bass and drums blurring into this mass that just shakes one's entire body, and the guitar being the precision tool that stabs the song into the brain. And yet as overpowering as the track is, it never feels brutal in a negative way. It just feels powerful, as if Deafheaven wanted to create the most intense post-rock song ever created. Frontman George Clarke evolve past being just tormented screams to actual three dimmensional howls of anguish, then then later triumph. The song's second half, right after the much needed interlude, might be even more climatic then the previous half as the pace drops, the guitars become unabashedly souring, and Clarke's vocals give way in both relief and euphoria. True black metal or not, I don't care; "Dream House" is a glorious in every way imaginable, and one of the greatest sonic furies I have ever heard.


Deafheaven's Website
Pre-order Sunbather here, from Deathwish Inc.

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