Friday, June 29, 2012

Savages-Flying to Berlin

Despite everyone's collective brain's exploding when they heard Savages' "Husbands", the band managed to release the A-side to their debut single under nearly everyone's noses. "Flying to Berlin" colors the other side of Savages that we didn't even know was there in the first place. While "Husbands" painted them as the band at the perfect intersection of no wave and post-punk, "Flying to Berlin" shows what the band is when they dial back the intensity and up the slink. "Flying to Berlin" is noir-punk, the audio equivalent of watching a very tense spy film, with a pulsy bass line and a guitar line as coiled as the snake on the cover, released in distorted blasts with the chorus. The field recorded jets add to the atmosphere of the song, a perfect icing to this dark, moody cake. Savages got hailed as punk saviors when "Husbands" came out, and "Flying to Berlin" has sort of confirmed this. Not with another sharp blast of pure intensity, but with a track showing all the different crevasses of a genre that Savages are willing to enter in order to create something great.


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Buy the Flying to Berlin 7" here, from Pop Noire

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