Thursday, June 28, 2012

Divine Fits-Would That Not Be Nice

Divine Fits must be the most casual indie supergroup ever. There is no bombast with them, from their press release to their music, despite the band being made of members of Spoon, Wolf Parade, and New Bomb Turks. They announced themselves to the world three weeks ago, and dropped the minimalist and bleak single "My Love is Real" last week. However, it is "Would That Not Be Nice" that really shows off the band's potential. With Britt Daniel up front, the band gains a Spoon-y feel to it. In fact "Would That Not Be Nice" wouldn't be out of place on Transference. With a can only be descriped as funky bass line, the song grooves along as Daniel's echoed voice cuts in and out along with simple and beyond excellent guitar riff. Add some peppy syths from Dan Boeckner through out the song, and "Would That Not Be Nice" is tied together perfectly into the sublime rocker that it is.


Divine Fits' Website

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