Monday, June 11, 2012

Micachu & the Shapes-OK

Micachu was one of the first bands I ever blogged about. Her debut Jewellery was ever so mind blowing when I first heard it. A complete deconstruction and rearrangement of what a pop song could be, done with self-crafted instruments and an even more impressive self-crafted sound. Twitchy, off-kilter to a degree that didn't seem possible, and yet still strangely twee at its core as well as being extremely catchy. Then Micachu disappeared, only briefly emerging with a strange live album that the band recorded with an orchestra of sorts. I was worried that the original Micachu would never reemerge.

And to a degree that fear was confirmed with Micachu and the Shapes (her back band that's been with here pretty much since the beginning) releasing "OK" last week. It is a very dark track, pulsating and industrial, punctured occasionally even more mood setting deep sax blasts. "OK" is stripped of most, if not all the childish whimsy that seemed present through out Jewellery, instead replaced with a jaded form of maturity. Yet, at the same time, none of this feels forced or unnatural. Being an artist that prided herself on creating something different, if one had heard Micachu just replicating herself, it might have been greatly disappointing. Instead, Micachu and the Shapes have crafted something new (again), with all the lyrical wit and creativity well in tack.

(mp3) Micachu and the Shapes-OK


Micachu's Website
Pre-order NEVER (their new album) here, from Rough Trade Records

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