Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Under all the excitement for the various Grizzly Bears, Dirty Projectors, etc. that are some truly exciting underrated/unknown albums coming out within the next few months as well. On the top of that list is the debut from Holograms. They already proved themselves with the one-two punch of ABC City 7" and the glory of "Chasing My Mind". But to have crafted an opening track as great as "Monolith" is just unbelievable. Bursting forward from a sludgy beginning to pure post-punk glory. Gone are any of the undercutting synths that usually balance out the bleakness of the song. Instead with "Monolith", much like the feel of the title itself, you get just a steady blast of dark, fuzzy, post-punk that just blackens the mind. Even the coda at the end carries the same dark energy as the rest of the song. Bit of evil emerge when someone listens to "Monolith", and it's great.


Holograms' Website

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