Monday, June 25, 2012

The Boombox Hearts-100 (The Latest Flame)

The email I got that had The Boombox Hearts' "100 (The Latest Flame)" had the subject line "indie summer hit". I know a lot of press emails have a line like that in the subject or description, but it still is a deeply audacious thing to say, that your song is one of the defining songs of the summer of 2012, the song that people will think back to and have soundtracking their memories. But fuck if "100 (The Latest Flame)" isn't that. The Boombox Hearts have crafted something something very wonderful here, from the mellow intro, the chewy center of the song complete with knotty guitar lines and and smile inducing ten second synth breakdown, before colliding into a noisy but finessed finale. All glued together by the lead singers gruff voice, uncommon in the indie pop world, but perfect here. Congrats to The Boombox Hearts from making such a great song, which truly is destined to be a summer hit one way or another.


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