Friday, June 1, 2012

Dan Deacon-Lots

Dan Deacon's maturing. I know people have been saying that since Bromst, but it seems more true than ever with "Lots", the first peek into what will be Deacon's new album America. But maturing is very different in the world of Dan Deacon. It will never mean Dan Deacon discarding his manic textures to his songs, somehow making spastic electronics be an eruption of joy. Instead it means Deacon has focused his songs more than ever before. "Lots" is less than three minutes, but instead of losing the sprawl of of his early work, Deacon manages to condense it all within that time frame, from the insane vocals to light speed electronic drums, and nothing feels lost. More so, it feels like Deacon is singing not only real lyrics, but something important. Even though you can't understand what it is, it still pushes "Lots" higher within own Deacon's discography, and shows how Deacon can manage evolution in his own elegant and crazy way.

(mp3) Dan Deacon-Lots


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Pre-order America here, from Domino Records 

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