Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boomgates-Whispering and Singing

I have waited too long for this news. Boomgates, the best Australia supergroup of many, will be releasing their debut album Double Natural just in time for the tail end of August. After two completely perfect seven inches of brash, entierly their own indie pop, an album's worth of the stuff might just come together to make the album of the summer. "Whispering and Singing", the first single off the album sure as hell supports this thesis anyway. Over bright, speedy, Real Estate-esque guitar riffs the band creates a bittersweet tale of a crush leaving town and wishing for death before that happens. The interplay between Brendan Huntly and Steph Hughes' vocals is just stupendous. I know a balance between the two's singing has always been a present element with the band, but here said element is just perfected, especially the blink and you'll miss it harmony between them within the chorus. This is what a garage band would sound like if they tried to be Comet Gain and they succeded. The rays of summer are shinning brightly in Australia, even if it is winter there.


Boomgates' Facebook
Pre-order Double Natural here, from Bedroom Suck Records

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