Thursday, March 22, 2012

AU-Get Alive

I haven't payed much attention to AU over the years as I should. I know they are beloved in their native Portland, and have put out two albums of experimental, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink baroque pop-esque music. However, they went into what appeared to be a hiatus, so my ADD addled blogger brain pushed them out mind. Until now, as AU have reappeared with a new label, a new album, and the stellar new single "Get Alive". The track is truly representative of its name, easily the brightest track I've heard all year. Peppy horn blasts sync in the most perfectly off-kilter way with the banjo sounding piano (or is it both?) that is the song's core. And that is just the beginning, as the crashing symbols of the drumming and the female vocals of Holland Andrews pick the song up even higher, evocative of the sense of drifting into the sky. The song still has the constructed hodge-podge feel of their earlier, but paradox it also seems more focused here, forming the perfect concoction that is "Get Alive".

(mp3) AU-Get Alive


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