Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ty Segall & White Fence-I Am Not A Game

What happens when two worshiped San Francisco garage kings get together to make music? They produce a song that is both retro and modern fuzzy garage rock excellence at the same time. That's the case with "I Am Not a Game", the first song from the collaberation album Hair of Ty Segall and White Fence. It's wonderful combination of the paisley garage styling of White Fence mixed with the jagged surf riffs of Segall. "I Am Not A Game" really has the feel of two friends goofing of each other, just having fun making music (see Ty Segall's previous collaboration of Reverse Shark Attack for proof). The thing is Segall and White Fence are such good musicians, that even their improves come together in a strangely cohesive. This is a song that has no real structure, jumping from instrumentation to verse, the instrumentation in between going in a million different places, and starts as a organ driven jangly garage tune and ends with a psych organ and raging guitar duel freak-out. And while still manages to be one of the best garage songs of the year.   

(mp3) Ty Segall & White Fence-I Am Not A Game  


Ty Segall's Website
White Fence's Facebook
Pre-order Hair here, from Drag City Records

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