Monday, March 26, 2012

Mount Eerie-House Shape

It's a pity that this song is coming out now. There is nothing quite like new Mount Eerie to soundtrack the cold months. However, due to the scientific fact of the world becoming a ever so slightly better place whenever more music by Mr. Phil Elvrum comes to be, this is a very minor complaint.

It's hard to just say "House Shape" is stunning/beautiful because that feels like an apt. description for everything Elvrum has put out within practically his entire musical career. However, for lack of better words, that is exactly what "House Shape" is. Stripping away the crushing heaviness that came with his black metal influenced Wind's Poem, but still keeping the forbidding atmosphere of those songs, Mount Eerie merges it perfectly with his own usual style to some dark but memorizing. The whole song has a "organic electronic" sound to it, like Elvrum carved the computer tone like organ sounds of the intro that sound like synths and the clacking drum work that sound like a machine out of wood and nature and somehow breathed them to work. Then the vocals kick into half way through, and all the separate elements that were played out in the beginning come together ever more perfectly than before hand. Hard to believe that we're are not only getting one Mount Eerie album this year, but two. If "House Shape" is proof anything, it will be that those albums will be some of the best music of the year.  


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Pre-order Clear Moon here, from P.W. Elverum and Sun

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