Monday, March 5, 2012

Burial & Four Tet-Nova

I know so little about dance music. Electronic music in general. I don't have any rare 12" with white labels. I don't know the difference between a producer and a beat maker is, or if they are even in the same category. I don't have any digital mixtapes of any sort. I don't listen to bass music, dubstep, or post dubstep. I think James Blake's music is nice, but I don't truly understand what's so great about.

Know all that lack of knowledge is on me only, and not at all an insult to any of the listeners of that music. However, I do like to think in the three years I have been doing this blog, I have learn to find quality music. And that's what "Nova" is. Its gorgeous, stunning, and trance inducing, but in a good way. It's striking how simple the song is, building up a little bit before just propelling itself over a twitchy beat and ghostly and glitchy piano lines. It's subtle in great ways, with drops that disappear before they begin, and the a beautiful ambient synth that sinks in near the end. I know this isn't the first time Burial and Four Tet have collaborated, but this the first time I've really payed attention and I am so grateful I did. "Nova" truly is stunning.


Four Tet's Website

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