Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kevin Greenspon-Maroon Bells

Kevin Greenspon is just great. In between setting up the mini community/outstanding label that is Bridgetown Records and setting up various tours across the country, Greenspon manages to craft his own unique ambient music at an outstandingly prolific rate that I have a hard time keeping up. Like for instance his new album, Maroon Bells. The title track is an especial stunner, mostly because it's still so hard to believe he's crafting music this delicate with only a guitar and effects. Forgoing the usual guitar tones and mild fuzz that made up most of his tracks, here Greenspon manages to create something that sound like it was made on a synth. It's beautiful and shimmering track before it cascades into snippets of harsh noise (a mixture of crashing waves and crinkling metal paper) that has never seemed better put. 

Kevin Greenspon-Maroon Bells
If you need to be caught up to speed, Kevin Greenspon just recently put together an expansive collection of most of his work for the entire Internet to enjoy. Download the entire collection here. You won't be disappointed.


Kevin Greenspon's Website
Get the Maroon Bells album here, from Bridgetown Records

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