Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Mountain Goats-Damn These Vampires

After a lot of nudging from a friend and being blown away by them when they performed at Austin City Limits last year, I have started to fall in love with The Mountain Goats, something everyone else experienced about 15 years ago. Thankfully, this new love of The Mountain Goats has fallen nicely on the news of a new album from the band, the new highly metal influenced All Eternal Deck, and as if if to match the tone of the album, "Damn These Vampires" was released as the first single thanks to the good folks at Stereogum. While the song is probably metaphorical, with the song's narrator using vampires as a description to the draining feeling that surrounds his life and world around him, I can pretend that it is a critique on the new media frenzy of vampires and the way they drain from the media they are a party of.

(mp3) The Mountain Goats-Damn These Vampires


The Mountain Goat's Website

Pre-order All Eternal Deck here, from Merge Records

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