Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cassette Review: Myelin Sheaths-Dead Things

Pure and simple, this is why I am glad cassettes are making a come back as a standard release for bands. The sense of being disposable and cheap that the tapes have gives the music that is placed on them a certain quality of being forgotten or lost gems by the band that put them on there. That at least is the case with Myelin Sheath's Dead Things cassette.

Dead Things is a sort of odds-and-ends style release for the band. Made up of various takes and songs that didn't make it onto their under appreciated Get On My Nerves LP, along with earlier tracks that they have done and a few cover to round out the cassette. What comes out off all this is a picture of Myelin Sheaths that is a lot rawer then what their vinyl would have you believe. While a sense of strong melody or jangle is usually present in Myelin Sheaths songs, the dirty and rough edge that is also present goes into overdrive on these tracks. This might be due simply to lack of studio polish, but it definitely shows what the creative process of the band is as well. So here are ten tracks of stellar punk garage that would not have been out of place in the early '90s scene. In fact, almost as if to drive the point home even more, the band does pitch perfect covers of both "Haizman's Brain is Calling" by Angry Samoans and "Sooprize Package for Mr. Mineo by Supercharger, in a completely falling apart at the seams, not perfect way.

(mp3) Myelin Sheaths-Wakeups!
(mp3) Myelin Sheaths-Sooprize Package for Mr. Mineo (Supercharger)


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