Thursday, January 13, 2011

Harpoon Forever

What we have here is another 2 song "digital single" from the formally one man project, now band Harpoon Forever. Even better with this release, we have two songs that are a nice forward step and in my mind even better than his last two songs. These are based upon some very nice power-pop riffs, as well melodies straight from the Robert Pollard school of music, actually more drawing from his current, under appreciated musical endeavors than his lo-fi Guided by Voices days though that influence present as well. In fact both songs, especially "Creedence Pattern", remind me a lot of the music of the '90s, though for some reason not a specific band. I think it just might be me hearing Pavement's "Cut Your Hair" in the songs as well. And for the record, any form of a Pavement comparison is a good thing in my book.

(mp3) Harpoon Forever-Creedence Pattern
(mp3) Harpoon Forever-Maya Angelou


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