Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All Liver, No Onion-Dolphin Dreamz Demo

I always wondered how massive bands like All Liver, No Onion work. At 15 members you would think that the whole creative process would be a gigantic mess, with everyone trying to know their ideas into the proverbial music pot, shoving all their ideas into it and the result being too much to handle (look at Dead Meat for the best example for this). But sometimes it just all works out and the end result winds up being something like their band new four track Dolphin Dreamz Demo. A thick gooey mixture of Foot Ox ramshackleness and Nana Grizol horns and guitar riffs with various string players added for flavor. It's cute, creative, exactly how a demo should be in every way, plus it's cover art looks like it was drawn by a five year old. The band has posted the demo in it's entirety on a "pay what you want method", so please give some if you can: a fifteen piece band needs to eat!


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