Friday, January 28, 2011

Cassette Review: Couples-S/T EP

In the small little blurb description for Couples S/T cassette, comparrisions were made to Guided By Voices. That can be heard but, I think Sebadoh is a much better musical reference point for the band. Couples are a newly formed band out of Canada have produced some of the best '90s style indie rock I have heard in a while. I want to apply the "slacker" term here, mostly because if I were to use the term "laid black" Wavves would come to mind.

Couples are making music purely for themeselves and the people around them. It's insanely simple and barebones indie rock, but seeing as so much in the indie world is based around electronics and drone these days, or layed in three different types of distortion (which can be grating even to me sometimes). And while the Guided by Voices comparision might not be perfect, as the songs are not spaztic enough and the Canadian indie style seeps through (once again, this is not a bad thing) the byproduct of Couples would probably put a simile on the faces of the members of GBV anyway. The ruckes, ramshakleness, and sutble joy produced by this tape put a simple on my face at least. There's no genre or pretense the band is tyring to subscribe to.

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