Friday, January 7, 2011

Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe and her absolutely wonderfully depressing music had been completely unknown to me until a few hours ago. Now thanks to the always great Get Off The Coast I may have found my first new musical love of 2010. The first thing that springs to mind with Chelsea Wolfe's music is the easy comparisons to Zola Jesus which is not at all a bad thing. Both bands have the same tones emanating from their music, but Wolfe's music is based more on a juxtaposition of harsh near industrial music coupled with her silky voice. Though on "Bounce House Demons this style comes off as much more tribal with the repeated jagged guitar line and the punchy, almost stuttering vocal delivery of the song.

(mp3) Chelsea Wolfe-Bounce House Demons

"Moses" is where Wolfe descends into the more siren aspect of her music. Painful vocals easily conveying the agony of the song, along with dissonant bass and drum beats that wouldn't be out of place at a funeral. But for all the soul crushing darkness that is churned out from the music, it amounts to something quite beautiful. A dark, eerie beauty, but a beauty none the less. Both songs are off Wolfe's new aptly titled album The Grime and The Glow, which if I wasn't so strapped for cash would buy in an instant.

(mp3) Chelsea Wolfe-Moses


Chelsea Wolfe's Website
Buy The Grime and The Glow here, from Pendu Sound

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