Friday, January 21, 2011

Brown Recluse-Impressions of a City Morning

While I patiently wait for Pet Milk to release any form of new music (seriously, what's taking them?!), I found out recently that Pet Milk is actually a side project for the band Brown Recluse. Brown Recluse have been kicking around for a while, having released their a few singles and EPs here and there, mainly for the quiet possible the best indie pop label around, Slumberland. After all this time Brown Recluse are prepping for their debut album Evening Tapestry to be released on... Slumberland. And while Pet Milk favored a much louder and Pains of Being Pure At Heart sound to their music, Brown Recluse are much more in debt to the sound of Belle and Sebastien. Next to The Crayon Fields, this is one band truly trying to recapture the subtle pop tones of B&S, with pitch perfect vocal harmonies and organ sound as proof.


Brown Recluse on myspace
Pre-Order Evening Tapestry here, at Slumberland Records

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