Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Superman Revege Squad Sing The Dead Crow Blues

Nosferatu D2 is a band I really, really love after discovering them last year. And while I patiently wait and hope for them to get back together, Superman Revenge Squad is there in the mean time. After D2 stopped in 2007, front man Ben Parker picked up an acoustic guitar started playing with a celloist, and writing songs more bleak then his last band’s. He began to scribble lines about more than just girls and bands, but of death, love, pop music, and then more death. And he sings more in prose then ever, even breaking into spoken words midway through songs, and instead of it being pretentious, it just conveys the work even better. Now after a string of self-released albums, Superman will be releasing the Dead Crow Blues mini-album today on Records Records Records records. His most polished work to date, it’s still the has the same sense of pain and dark humor as ever. What other band could conceive the concept of what it might be like to have to talk to an ex-friend in heaven after you both die? Then write the song, have cello kick in just the right spots to rigger longing, title it “Fairweather Friend” and use it as the opener?

(mp3) Superman Revenge Squad-Fairweather Friends

The title track is even hollower, an instant poem sprung from the mind after seeing death literally and figuratively on your doorstep. The same feelings as Pavement’s “Here” are invoked, with every part of the song feeling so slightly out of step, with only that one beat to propel it.


Superman Revenge Squad’s Website

Get Dead Crow Blues here, from Records Records Records records

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