Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Denver Afterdark Compilation

The Denver Afterdark Compilation is a digital mixtape of, you guessed it, Denver based bands provided by the nice people over at Speaker Snacks and Tome to The Weather Machine. Besides bringing ten brand new songs from the likes of Gauntlet Hair and Woodsman, the ambient themed tunes also premier some rather interesting new bands like Modern Witch and FLASHLIGHTS. This whole thing has a wonderfully eclectic fell to it, jumping from earthy nighttime ambiance to punctual blasts of off-kilter echo induced advent-pop, along with some weird electronic music thrown in as well. The whole compilation is streamable below, and Speaker Snacks was kind to throw in a free download as well. The soundtrack for your next night time party has been sculpted for your pleasure.

1.) Brittany Gould & Cory Brown: "Nite Chimes For Lucid Lovers"
2.) Modern Witch: "Running"
3.) Hideous Men: "Fantasy Cloak"
4.) Hollagramz: "Magnet Flow"
5.) c.db.sn: "Airport"
6.) FLASHLIGHTS: "Apple Trees"
7.) PeddahBlak: "Make It Funky"
8.) Woodsman: "Balance"
9.) Gauntlet Hair: "All Eyes"
10.) St. Elias: "Welcome To Your Doom"

Download the Denver Afterdark Compilation here


  1. Hi! Thanks for the post... that's "Tome" to the weather machine. One word :)

    K thx, b


  2. Thank you for the excellent compilation.


    P.S. Fixed the "Tome" misspelling. Sorry about that.