Monday, October 25, 2010

Tough Knuckles-Is It What I Said

Tough Knuckles, a band I had never have but got rave reviews just a few months ago when their Greek Jazz LP was dropped back then, has just released this incredible off-kilter indie rock guitar tune "Is It What I Said". Previously, after some back digging, Tough Knuckles comes off as a very one-man lo-fi project, some dude with a two track banging away the two guitar riffs he knows over and over again to form sweet Guided By Voices esque pieces. Not anymore. With some added production and maybe a band too boot, "Is It What I Said" comes off as a really nostalgic '90s indie rock tune with a very cool shoegaze layered on top. No idea how the style change happened, but I love it. The band apparently got signed to Captured Tracks, and there's a good chance this with be off that forthcoming LP.

UPDATE: Turns out Tough Knuckles didn't get signed to Captured Tracks after all. Still would be cool to see them on the rooster some day though.

(mp3) Tough Knuckles-Is It What I Said

For some persepctive about what I'm talking about with style shift, here was the video Tough Knuckles made last year for "Downtown Girl" off their Greek Jazz LP.


Tough Knuckles on Myspace

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