Thursday, October 28, 2010

Video: School Knight-Prom Queen

(via Speaker Snacks)

What would happen if WAVVES decided to stop writing about only skating and getting high, and hadn't cleaned up his sound either? It probably wind up sounding close to what School Knight are doing. A duo from Denver, "Prom Queen" is that same wonderfully blown out lo-fi that has conquered the music scene for years now, a mix of Japandroids fronted by Dylan from Cloud Nothings, infused with a sense of nostagia for your don't-give-a-shit teen years. The simple video of one of the band members working as clerk manages to fit the vibe perfectly, and as some people can tell you, nostagia inducing videos of convience stores are always awesome. The track, along with the band's Rush SK EP will be released very soon on the constantly reliable Bridgetown Records.

(mp3) School Knight-Prom Queen


Schook Knights on Myspace
Bridgetown Records

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