Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vivian Girls Live @ Mess With Texas 3

(Above picture taken by my kid brother Adrian)

Why write about a band you saw the day before? Maybe because I don’t want to look like I wasted my Saturday. Maybe because some great pictures were taken of the band and people they invited to dance on stage (don’t ask how this was accomplished; indie rockers fear all talk of dancing to their favorite music). But the best excuse that can be made here to talk about them is to make sure they were actually a good band. In the, four bands in and hour, style of SXSW, it can be very easy to forget which were the good bands and which ones sounded good due to being drunk and surround by pot smoke. So let it be said here- the Vivian Girls rock. As in really rock. As in they have deserved every piece of buzz about them. As in if you don’t like them I have serious questions about your musical taste. As in if you haven’t seen them or bought their album drop whatever your doing and go do it. Seriously. Everything (including this blog) can wait. Go. Now.

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