Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Music: Sonic Youth, Nesey Gallons, Music Tapes

To say Sonic Youth's new album, The Eternal, is anticipated is an understatement. Things it has going for it: they dropped their major label and signed to Matador, they have added Mark Ibold of Pavement as a member, and he has helped write the songs for the new album. Now added to that list is one hell of a single. Sacred Trickster is the first song of The Eternal and boy is it a dozy. A quick 2 minutes combining hardcore, black metal, Kim Gordon’s perfect mouning/yelling singing, and those "wierdo-ass hooks" Moore was talking about. Not bad for a song about a French painter named Yves Klien.
Sonic Youth-Sacred Trickster
Nesey Gallons has finally gotten around to releasing his CD (three at that). If the name sounds unfamiliar, I won’t be surprised. Gallons has been the man behind the scenes. He has helped make the last Music Tapes album, along with making both the videos from the album and touring with them. Plus he is currently helping to make the next Nana Grizol album. His music is very tender and haunting (in a good way) and the singing saws (courtesy of Mr. Julian Koster himself) simply adds to the beauty of it all. You can get the CDs here.

Finally, the Music Tapes has released a cover. Of course this being the Music Tapes, it isn’t a cover of a song you would think of. It’s a cover of "Night and Day" by 30's composer Cole Porter, and yes, it is exactly as kooky and wonderful as you think it is.

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