Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Videos and Music: Titus Andronicus, Justice of Unicorns, More Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, and Meat Puppets

Titus Andronicus have released the second video to their where-were-we-when-this-great-album-came-out album The Airing of Grievances. While this video doesn’t redefine music videos, the black and white filming add more attraction of it while the band simply trying not to do nothing but rock out and subtle things the going-nuts crowd and Ian Graetzer smashing his bass into the lights add more attraction of it.

This video by Justice of the Unicorns defies so many musical rules its not funny. How one video (for a great song) can suddenly make you want to buy everything by this band, even though you’ve never heard them in your life. How a video this cute, adorable, and sad in no way is from a twee band. And how it can make you want to destroy and at the same time hug your Ipod.

"The Dragon's Claw" by Justice of the Unicorns from Robert Bruce on Vimeo.

Sonic Youth previewed a new Lee Ranaldo sung song on Later... with Jools Holland. Proving once again that The Eternal will blow our minds.
Dinosaur Jr have released the first single to from their June 23rd (and super trippy cover art) album Farm titled I Want you To Know . The standards of any great Dinosaur Jr track are on here; super speed bass along with Mascis’ constantly great guitar riffs, with an added touch of blues thrown in this time. If this song, along with the one they did for Pitchfork, is any indication of who Farm will sound, then Dinosaur Jr will pass all expectations set by Beyond three songs into their new album. Also the underappreciated Meat Puppets have also released the first mp3 to their May 12th album Sewn Together.

Dinosuar Jr-I Want You To Know

Meat Puppets-Rotten Shame

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