Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bands to Care About: Micachu and the Shapes

One thing we music commenters love to do is pigeon-hole bands. The smaller the hole, the better. However, Micachu (Mica Levi) and here band The Shapes (Mark Pell on drums and Raisa Khan on keyboard and computer) have arrived not only being one of the best bans around, but also one of the most undefinable as well. If you took the songs Heather Lewis did in the Beat Happening and added an electronica coat, you might have an idea of a Micachu song. Quarky, sparse, and utterly creative, it’s incredible the sounds made by a band purposely trying to limit the amount of instruments it uses. The production by Matthew Herbert doesn’t hurt either. Her debut ‘Jewellery’ was finally released on in the States and is highly recommenced. Also a mixtape made by the band can be downloaded here.

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