Thursday, April 2, 2009

Peelander-Z Live @ The Emerald City Press

(A thanks to a Mrs. Claudia For this Photo)

I know I've fallen very behind on my posts, especially about SXSW so I will fix all of tAdd Imagehat in the next few days(the picture upload funtion wasn't letting me post pictures). Chances are you've never heard of Peelander-Z. This is both a crime against humanity and something that should be fixed right now. So in order to inform everyone, Peelander-Z is the BEST LIVE BAND AROUND. Forget Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, or Arcade Fire, these guys put on a show on par with the Flaming Lips and they only played five songs in their 30 minute set. Antics pulled off by the band in this show alone: the bassiest (Red) entering with a giant squid on his head, the band getting audience members to play their instruments, the band pulling ten people on stage to hit metal tins with drum sticks, setting up a jump rope/limbo line, throwing their drum kit and and bass on top of a near by skate board ramp, and lead guitarist/singer Yellow dressing in a giant bowling pin costum, stopping traffic, then charging through the streets and striking a set of blowing pins.

Peelander-Z Website

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